Thursday, August 4, 2016


I've been working on a jrpg inspired crafting system lately, kinda. It's far from finished. It's the eve of the eve of EttinCon, it's GenCon in the antipodes and AntiGenCon in the digital surf. The rpg energies travel, collide and reform. So here's a thing I made almost a year ago that has yet to see the light of day. It's something like a random crafting system for your skin. Roll as little or as much as you like, combine the results. Without further ado get inked!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Jelly cubes and slimes

Reading Ryuutama is inspiring a certain jrpg flavour in my OSRing. Here is a table for either game(s).

Slimes (and jelly cubes) don't have any language but they can be befriended if you can figure out what they like. They are as intelligent as dogs. 

I guess you could flip a coin to decide if its a jelly cube or a slime.

Colour Prefers Power
1 green salad dissolve
2 blue water glow
3 pink flesh teleport
4 clear alcohol inebriate
5 chrome slime melt
6 turquoise fish chill
7 brown wood burn
8 orange leaves wind
9 rust metal wither
10 yellow flowers heat
11 violet eggs fly
12 lilac vegetables sour
13 baby blue fruit sweeten
14 lime citrus bond
15 cyan coffee buzz
16 peach tea heal
17 magenta cookies food
18 celadon dumplings enlarge
19 white wax grow
20 rainbow cheese time stop

Art is by my daughter using the table (she also contributed some of the options)!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

A take on Class

These classes are written with the underlying philosophy that both players and GMs want to see PCs become interesting, unique actors in the world. They are designed as a negotiation, choose the most fun and cool abilities not the most powerful. These classes are designed with role playing goals or flavours which should colour their choices and actions in play. Recently Arnold K made a comment about PCs changing through play, because of their adventuring experiences. He succinctly summarised a tenet of play that has always been very important to me in making my PCs come to life. If you like these and use them or just get ideas and if any of them find their way to you table I'd love to hear what happened.

GM notes
Pick a hit dice that seems fair or fits with your game or go with d8 or d6. There are no stat bonuses, penalties or minimum requirements assigned. This is by design. Let the PCs stats inform their actions and choices and form natural strengths and limitations within these bounds. But if stats floats your boats and you want something more defined consider where specialities and weakness lie in each class below and riff it.

"Each X levels", where X is a number of levels, will determine the rate of new powers gained. You may want to match these with the flavour/ power level of the other PCs in your game. Personally my preference is that Each X level = each level gained. Of course in the spirit of DIY feel free to take these concepts and flesh them out with more traditional class structure, tables etc.

Equipment is also not listed herein, with one notable exception, but many of these classes require special tools or accoutrements. It is assumed that PCs start the game with the basic tools, outfits or gear of their trade. Through adventure and questing they will likely gain more and useful objects and curios to help them in their pursuits of their chosen occupations. Refer to the above philosophy of collaboration if you have any questions about this.

The Classes
Slime Magi
Each X levels get a larger slime, ooze, mould, jelly companion
You can communicate with the creature and make use of its abilities

Bears with Hats
Choose special headgear, detail and name it. Later you can determine the what and why of it.
Each X levels gain more civilised traits, the first being empathy
("Bears" with hats may also be gorillas or rarely other large lumbering species)

Weather Watcher (Meteorologist)
You know about one type of weather, it's dangers and boons.
Each X levels learn a new weather form, wind, cloud, rain, snow, etc
Each X levels learn a working in form you already know

Cartographer Explorer
Make, keep, sell and trade maps
Each X levels know secrets of the places you have been

Botanist /Agrarian
Travel to document and collect interesting and unknown plants and seeds for cultivation, consumption, utility, etc
Each X levels find a new specimens with a novel use
Start a garden somewhere and tend it

Travel to document and collect interesting and unknown animals and other ambulatory species consumption, utility, etc
Each X levels gain a new knowledge of an encountered species, such as its language, a weakness, a strength, a prized harvest, etc
Gain a companion from creatures encountered (only one at a time, you can maintain many friendships but only one bond)

Each X levels learn a recipe of exceptional quality. These dishes convey boons (or harm) upon their consumers
Seek out rare ingredients, fabulous markets and new techniques

Each X levels learn a new survival skill such as, sleep rough, forage, good luck, visions, see truth, eat anything, faithful friend (cat, dog, rat, snake,etc), beggars cup, Jack of all trades, gossip, Wanderers feet, blather in tongues, enlightenment, etc

Barber surgeon
Operate on the fallen and the ill to learn and to help where possible
Collect biological specimens in preserve jars, dried in cases, documented and categorised in books an scrolls. Give a mean shave or haircut. Often very well groomed
The barber surgeon is a macabre occupation which a attracts a range of personality types...
Healing arts, trade in body parts, body modification, mad science, etc

Each X levels learn and make a new tincture, powder, remedy, oil, balm, salve, poison or spirit. Name, detail and record them. Roll a dice that's how many uses you made.

Each X levels uncover and practice a new secret of the universe, a transmogrification, a hidden door, a new colour, a new humour (or energy), etc. name detail and record them.

Martial Artist (monk, bodyguard, soldier, hermit, etc)
Choose any primary weapon including unarmed
Each X levels learn a new fighting technique with a cool name using your primary weapon, uppercut, whisking lash of the fox, wave cutting, wind step, riposte, blinding cudgel, thousand cuts, asp kick, etc. Each technique should have effects commensurate with its name and execution
Learn an additional primary weapon

Artisan Mender
Choose a craft, you know it.
Each X levels learn a new making or mending of your craft
Make a special item, you now have it.