Saturday, July 9, 2016

Jelly cubes and slimes

Reading Ryuutama is inspiring a certain jrpg flavour in my OSRing. Here is a table for either game(s).

Slimes (and jelly cubes) don't have any language but they can be befriended if you can figure out what they like. They are as intelligent as dogs. 

I guess you could flip a coin to decide if its a jelly cube or a slime.

Colour Prefers Power
1 green salad dissolve
2 blue water glow
3 pink flesh teleport
4 clear alcohol inebriate
5 chrome slime melt
6 turquoise fish chill
7 brown wood burn
8 orange leaves wind
9 rust metal wither
10 yellow flowers heat
11 violet eggs fly
12 lilac vegetables sour
13 baby blue fruit sweeten
14 lime citrus bond
15 cyan coffee buzz
16 peach tea heal
17 magenta cookies food
18 celadon dumplings enlarge
19 white wax grow
20 rainbow cheese time stop

Art is by my daughter using the table (she also contributed some of the options)!


  1. All hail the time stop cube! (This is good.)

  2. I have used this table for so many things. I used it the other night as a "food effects" table for student cookery at Dumpling Tree School. The PCs were sampling students'. One PC went to bed with wind, another with sticky mouth and yet another 50% enlarged.

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